Sonny’s Side Up

Lip-Smacking, Mouth-Watering BBQ

      Soul Food

When you think of soul food you think of any meat with barbecue sauce, maybe some mac and cheese, and all the other sides that appeal to you. But when you think of Sonny’s BBQ Shack Bar and Grill, you think of all of that and more.

Sonny’s barbecue is one of the best foods I have ever tired.

— Joevante Briggs

Where it All Started

Sonny’s BBQ  is a barbecue restaurant chain founded by Floyd “Sonny” Tillman In Gainesville, Florida in 1968. They now have 150 restaurants across nine Southeastern states and is headquartered in Winter Park, Florida. The restaurant specializes in Southern-style BBQ.

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The Menu

 What more can you ask for from a BBQ place than some good meat. Sonny’s has some of the best BBQ pulled pork, sliced pork, sliced pork, baby back ribs, buffalo wings, St. Louis style ribs, and beef brisket you will ever taste. All of their meat is served scorching hot, juicy and of course flavorful.

 The Sidekicks

Every good main attraction has to have its sidekicks. On the menu alongside of the meets Sonny’s has a host of sides. Macaroni and Cheese is one of the most famous. Their mac and cheese is creamy, cheesy, and just plain perfect. The BBQ baked beans are a near second with the sweet aroma and even better flavor. But whats a meal without a good dessert, Sonny’s banana pudding hits the spot.

Soul food touches my soul and heritage as a black person.

— Jamal Fullard

The Environment

Although the food speaks for its self the decor of the restaurant also adds to the experience. It’s decorated with the signature red and white, picnic style tablecloths that draws you in. All large scaled meals are served on trash can tops which was one thing that grabs your attention. One of the main things that people pay attention to is customer service. While being waited on at Sonny’s you never have to worry about encountering a rude waiter. Which is not always the case in a restaurant.

To Try or Not to Try

Sonny’s BBQ Shack Bar and Grill should definitely be tried by everyone who can’t resist great food.