People Enjoy Eating CANDY!

Eating candy is the best way to take away that sweet tooth you are having.

Ever had a longing sensation for sometjing sweet in your life? Especially after eatimg a dish full of savoring flavors; your taste buds fill your mouth with a wanting of somehing missing- sweets. Common sweets that most people turn to are candies. Weather it be chocolately, sour, fruity, or salty candies have sweeten people’s life by fullfill that need. Some basic candy that many people enjoy eating are Sour Patch Kids, Twix, Reeses, Kit Kat, Snickers, Skittles, and most will choose them all.


The first one that everybody likes to eat is all of the above.

Candy is candy it doesn’t matter what kind it is, they are all good

— Anisha Khan.

The second favorties are tied between Snickers and Twix.

I love that it is chocolate and a cookie together mix with caramel

— Dayana Onofre

 said Dayana Onofre.

The third are also tied up, between Kit Kat and Sour Patch Kids.

I like the waffle crunching noise it makes when i bite into them

— Alexa Rua

Skittles and Starburst are almost the same so will be the fourth.

It’s so fruity and chewy.

— Marlene Delgadillo

” I like how it’s juicy and so fruity”, said Elisea Hernandez.

Apparently the last one are Reeses and M&M.

It’s chocolate and peanut butter mix together

— Diana Gonzalez

Its very colorful and it’s chocolate

— Alez Munoz