CCHS Students Opinions On Hamburgers

Hamburgers are round patties of ground beef which include various condiments. Hamburgers are either fried or grilled and are served on a bun, sometimes even with sesame seeds. Usually when ordering/ making a hamburger you get to decide what you like on it unless it’s already on the menu. The condiments that are on a hamburger are usually pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cheese, sauce.. etc.

Fifty students were surveyed at Cesar Chavez High School on April 4, 2016, they were asked if they liked hamburgers, if so why or why not. Out of 50 students, 43 said they like hamburgers, which means most of the popularity likes them. Those 7 that said they don’t like hamburgers, the reason was usually because they’re vegetarian.

According to the polls, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions are the most picked toppings by Chavez students. These 4 condiments were individually chosen 8 times (18.6% each over all.) Of those 24 persons who didn’t choose pickles,lettuce,tomatoes, or onions, 6 said they’d prefer cheese, and the other 5 chose “other”, (sauces. etc.)  

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“I enjoy hamburgers from any burger place, but if anything, I prefer homemade because they’re made at your style, with any amount of condiments you’d like!”

— Nathan Tom, 9th, CAPA

Hamburgers are considered to be lunch, though you can eat them any time of the day. Twenty-one out of 50 students from Cesar Chavez High School that like hamburgers, said that they prefer In-N-Out Hamburgers instead of any other burger place. The other options chosen were McDonald’s with 7 voters, Burger King with 4 voters, The Habit with 4 voters as well, Five Guys with 3 voters, and last but not least came homemade hamburgers with 2 votes.

“Something about the In-N-Out hamburgers just makes them so unique, I love how they’re  fresh, tasty  and juicy,” Rodolfo Hernandez said.

After all, those who chose the top picked toppings (pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, and onion), usually had chosen In-N-Out as their favorite burger place.

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