The famous In-N-Out burger

In-N-Out taste great!


In-N-Out Burger is a fast food restaurant. They sell a small variety of burgers, some of the burgers are “the double double, hamburger, and a cheeseburger.” They also have a unique burger that is called “4×4” it is on the secret menu. The secret menu is just menu that has tasty food that is not shown on the menu. They also sell fries, beverages (sodas, milk, and lemonade). One of there best sides are the famous milk shakes, they come in various flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

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The first In-N-Out was located on Francisquito and Garvey in Baldwin Park. The owner Harry Synder visits the meat and products everyday to pick out the fresh ingredients he uses. He prepares everything by himself and his wife takes care of the accounting. The first store was opened in 1948 and they’ve been serving freshness ever since. They are very religious and they always have bible verses on some of there items like under the cup of there drink  and on the wrapper of their burgers.

It is so tasty i fell in love with it.

— Robert

Main food item:

The first main food item is the number one. Its a juicy double-double (double cheeseburger) that has their special spread sauce on it. The lettuce and tomatoes give it such a better taste. The meal comes with a side of fries and a medium drink. The fries aren’t to salty but not to plain, they’re just perfect. If you want them to be more salty they have little salt packs you can put on them. There is numerous amounts of drinks you can get. They have a machine that has Sprite,Coke, Root Bear, Lemonade, and many others. They also have there own lemonade that they make.

Secondary food item:

The second item I chose was the 4×4. I chose it because it is something I get when i’m hungry. It is basically the two patties with 4 meats and 4 slices of cheese of each meat. Of course it comes with spread, onions, and tomatoes. You can make it a meal with fries and a drink but if you don’t feel like eating all of that you can just get it by itself.

In-N-Outs food is good and affordable.

— Jamal Fullard


The service here is one of the best I’ve experienced coming from a fast food restaurant. They are very fast with there things and the order will rarely come with any mistakes. The workers will come and pick up your tray if they see you’re done, but of course they will ask you before taking it. If there is a worker cleaning or by the entrances, they will open the door for you which is really nice of them. They help you with anything you need and they won’t say no about it, well only if you don’t ask for a item that cost money.


I recommend this fast food restaurant to the people that like greasy burgers. Yes they are very better then McDonald’s and many more fast food restaurants. If you’re on a budget and not trying to spend to much money this is a place to go because it will make you satisfied.