Who Doesn’t love Animals !

What pet doesn’t have a good life? This slideshow consist of my pets doing what they do best which is eating,sleeping,sunbathing and just playing around. Lets start off with my Turtle Caitlin who isn’t friendly at all. Her daily routine isn’t much, She mostly just sunbathes under her heat lamps and just swims around. My second pet Sammy is a very picky overweight cat who is attached to my dad. He basically just sleeps all day and gets tuna. Now the third pet that I have is my rabbit named FB. He has been with my family for almost 9 years.He was suppose to die last year but somehow he is living a longer life. My brother thinks it’s cause of the treats we give him such as carrots, brownies and love. Having pet animals is such a huge responsibility but yet they are fun to have. They or shall I some give you unconditional love. I wouldn’t trade my pet’s for anything .