Do You Want the Burrito?

The Perfect Burrito Place to Go

Kristy Vang, Reporter

How would you like your meat, vegetables, beans, and rice wrapped in tortilla?  There is “Juan” direction that will provide that. The Mexican taco truck in front of Home Depot on Hammer Lane offers burritos for ONLY cinco dolares.

A taco truck is a large vehicle that cooks and sells Mexican food to customers. In the 1800s, there were numerous mobile dining and street food that became a dining habit for many citizens. Not all food trucks offer tacos and burritos. Nowadays, there is a great diversity of food trucks, such as Korean truck and Thai truck.

A burrito is a type of Mexican food that is wrapped into a cylindrical shape wheat flour tortilla to enclose the filling inside. The fillings include a combination of ingredients, such as Mexican-style rice, beans, vegetables, meat, and sour cream.

The burrito truck in front of Home Depot tastes very delicious. There were two types of burrito at the the burrito truck: the regular and the supreme. The supreme cost a little more than the regular since it consist of more ingredients like sour cream. Just a dollar extra though.

The order was a regular burrito, which consisted of rice, beans, vegetables, and beef. The order was finely wrapped in tin foil to keep the heat generated. The hot sauce and jalapenos was separate from the burrito.

The order was just PERFECT.The food was chewy, soft, and very tasty. The meet was juicy, and the sauce was just perfect. The tortilla was warm and mouth-watering. One bite and the rest will be gone in seconds.

We love getting burritos from the taco truck. We crave for other items there, but then, we don’t want to risk not getting a burrito.”

— Abigail Favela and Joseph Sealey, juniors, Communication Technology

The taco truck was a white truck with a price board on the side of the vehicle. Personally, some people may find taco truck unclean and filthy. However, the taco truck there was quite sanitary, yet typical. All taco truck are similar though.

When a person is super hungry and need a fast food to fill in their stomach, the taco truck in front of Home Depot is definitely the place to go. The order was done in like a couple minutes and the service was great. The vender was kind and very generous. Highly recommend customers to try out the burrito there. The service is very good and the food is excellent.

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