Stagecraft Club


David Ramirez

Stagecraft club in the auditorium sound booth during sound check.

The club that takes you behind the scene of show business, concerts, and prepares you for real life careers. The CCHS Stagecraft club run by President Evangelina Flores and Vice President Marcus Soulyalangsy.  What inspired the club to be made? Stagecraft is a club that gives you an opportunity to get experience in high school that will benefit your future to outperform professionals in that industry.

 Stagecraft club is anything from tech for a drama show or concerts, Stagecraft recently put on a haunted house at Peyton Elementary School that became a success. The benefits of joining the club,  you get a lot of socialization with professionals and you learn how to do resumes, meet real experts that are in the industry, and learn how to work with other people. When  President  Evangelina Flores was asked why she joined this club she replied “ I was in love with audio and I want people to love it as mush as I do.

“Why should you join stagecraft ? If you’re looking for a family, the club is fun and also beneficial stagecraft club to join. “At the end of the day even though we pretend to be professionals we are a big family, everybody loves each other and we work so hard and everyone is dedicated.’ “I love It.” Evangelina added.