Danzantes de Chavez


On Tuesdays and Thursdays the CCHS dance room has taken on a new look recently as students celebrate the cultural dances of Mexico with 9th thru 12th graders. Students meet after school for a couple hours each day with their adviser Mrs. Eaton. The club was created to emphasize the local folklore and culture with ballet characteristics. The purpose is to help spread the Mexican heritage, culture, and music through dancing. Some dances reflect the living cultures of different regions and each have different types of dance routines that are created to tell the audience a story.

The state of Jalisco, for example, is especially known for its jarabe Tapatio, or better known as “The Mexican Hat Dance”, which is accompanied by ts famous mariachi. One of the most popular songs to accompany this dance is “La Negra”.

Though the dances differ from region to region, the basic steps and style of dance are similar. Female dancers wear a type of costume with the dances such as a brightly colored ruffled skirt trimmed with ribbons whose colors are local signifiers, shoes with heavy clog-like heels and ornate hair piece while male dancers wear black pants with galas on each side of the leg, accented with a red tie and belt and a black wide-brimmed hat. All costumes and requirements are paid for through fundraising or donations. Not only is this club very entertaining, but also can be very educational and a great workout.