Chavez International Club

Chavez International is a club that donates school supplies to third world country students. This club was established in 2016 at Cesar Chavez High School by Ms. Larocque, an English Teacher currently at Chavez High, and her student Patrice Sanford. The club adviser is Ms. Larocque and the two club presidents are Patrice Sanford and Minatallah Mahgoob who are currently Chavez High school attendees. The club presidents are in charge of fundraisers, club meetings, and decisions for future field trips. The way this club sends the supplies to the children is by partnering with a website that funds the child that is in need. They also partnered with Jamba Juice for their fundraiser. The objects that are sent to the children are basic school supplies like pencils, journals, paper etc. They recently raised money at Chavez Throwdown by selling Bundt cakes and they are currently working on future field trips such as going to schools and reading to younger students. If you’d like to join Chavez International you can attend their meeting every Thursday after school. Anybody can come and join this club there are no requirements needed.