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Yearbook Discrimination

Maria Chavez, reporter

June 4, 2015

Senior year is one of the most important years of their high school career. It is the year where you get ready to go to college and do all kinds of fun activities. Seniors also do portraits of themselves, to have a memory of the...

Students Excluded From Their High School Yearbook

Jorge Alcaraz, Reporter

June 4, 2015

Recently, two students believe that the reason that they were excluded from their school year book based solely on what they wore. Regardless of what the situation was or under what circumstances this happened under, there is...

High School yearbook mishap

Jordan Cramer, Reporter

June 4, 2015

Crystal Cumplido and Mari Champagne, two students attending Lincoln High School in the San Joaquin School District, have both been removed from their yearbooks. Both girls were unable to the standard dress code, as they wore...

Two Girls, One Conflict

Isaac Holden

June 4, 2015

Over the years, there has been a dress code in California high schools that states, the boys are supposed to wear a tux (color of the school) as well as the girls that must wear a black off-the-shoulder V-neck drape (under whatever)....

High School Seniors Excluded From Yearbook

John Vang, Reporter

June 4, 2015

Your last year of high school. You're graduating from high school and moving forward to adulthood. You've made many memories during the years of high school and made many friends. You obtained many achievements but, YOU, YOU are...

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