Two Girls, One Conflict

Isaac Holden

Over the years, there has been a dress code in California high schools that states, the boys are supposed to wear a tux (color of the school) as well as the girls that must wear a black off-the-shoulder V-neck drape (under whatever).  Recently there has been a huge conflict that has arised over the past couple of days.  Recently in a public school located in California; Lincoln High School has ran into a problem with not one, but two students for the same issue.  Dress codE.

Two seniors by the names of Crystal Cumpildo, and Marie Champagne  have recently been omitted from Lincoln High School’s yearbook for not wearing the specified criteria stated on the paper.  Instead, Crystal chooses to wear a tuxedo with a red bow-tie, while Champagne chose to wear a black tuxedo with a white bow-tie.

Marie Champagne says to FOX 40 News, “It’s not fair in any way, shape or form.”  In fact this is in a way, fair.  The reason being is because before the senior portraits were taken, Champagne was required to sign her signature down on the paper that had all of the rules and what they can/can’t wear listed.  While in Lodi High School’s yearbook she was in, she was ‘shocked’ that she was not included in Lincoln’s yearbook.  While Cumpildo says, “It’s like I didn’t even exist in Lincoln,” she said to FOX 40 News as well.

Why couldn’t the two students simply follow the dress code for the portraits?  After the portraits, they would be able to just carry on with the rest of their day however and wear whatever they want without a say-so.  This conflict would’ve never came up.  This sort of collapses on top of the students because they already knew and signed a paper explaining the rules and dress code for the senior portraits.