CCHS Oracle Halloween Issue

CCHS Crowns Homecoming Royalty

Megan Tran and Jamal Fullard

October 11, 2015

Homecoming week is arguably the most exciting week throughout the year. There's spirit days, the big football game, and of course the dance. However, the best and most memorable part of homecoming week is the crowning of homec...

Discrimination of Seniors?

Amara Prohm, reporter

June 4, 2015

Recently, at Lincoln High School of the San Joaquin District in Stockton, California, a young female has been removed from the school's year book, since she did not qualify for the dress code standards of the senior portraits....

Two Girls, One Conflict

Isaac Holden

June 4, 2015

Over the years, there has been a dress code in California high schools that states, the boys are supposed to wear a tux (color of the school) as well as the girls that must wear a black off-the-shoulder V-neck drape (under whatever)....

Titian Girls Take Control on The Field

Amara Prohm, Reporter

March 26, 2015

Many people believe that football is only for guys. However, once a year at Cesar Chavez, the juniors and seniors girls play a game called “Powder Puff”. Powder puff originally brought the important message that femininity do...

Say Cheeeeese!

Princess Carnecer and Jasmine Phol

September 4, 2014

Before the year ends, upcoming seniors (juniors) go to this end of the year assembly about their senior portraits. At this assembly, Lifetouch comes and show steps to how to make an appointment. If you  miss the appointment date,...

Yen the Badminton player!

kassandra gonzalez, editor

April 8, 2014

Yen Tran, Senior, plays on Jv Girl's Badminton team. Tran used to play for Bear Creek last year and now she spending her last year in high school playing for Chavez's Badminton team. "I do kind of enjoy playing here at Chavez....

Hope Prevails Through the Final

Patrick Nguyen, Editor in Chief

December 20, 2013

The sport of wrestling is not just muscle and weight, it is dedication and motivation. Without the dedication to the sport an athlete would not be able to bring themselves to the next level. The amount of training that gets put...

Gentry for the basket!

Oleyssia Vallesteros , Bonnie Wilson

December 20, 2013

Darrin Gentry is point gaurd for the varsity basketball team. With scoring at least 10 points a game he expects this year for the team to win league and go far in playoffs. "My relationship with my team is great we are basically...

Nancy Vang Ends the Season

Patrick Nguyen, Editor in Chief

November 1, 2013

Nancy Vang is a senior and the number two player on the girls’ tennis team at our school. Her favorite shot is her forehand because it’s the stronger of the two sides. She enjoys the hard team spirit that they possessed while...

Susan Martinez wards off senioritis with Girls’ Golf

Noella Duncan, Editor

August 30, 2013

Starting her third year on the Girls’ Golf team, senior Susan Martinez still enjoys the game as much as she did the first year she played. When asked what her favorite part of playing golf was, she said “I love being out on the course. It’...

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