Say Cheeeeese!

Pictures to remember. A year to remember.

Before the year ends, upcoming seniors (juniors) go to this end of the year assembly about their senior portraits. At this assembly, Lifetouch comes and show steps to how to make an appointment. If you  miss the appointment date, how could the upcoming seniors make a late appointment? When it’s time to take your senior portraits which is scheduled during the summer, what is the attire, and the deadline for senior portraits.

Lifetouch sends you a letter for how to make an appointment. In this letter, it tells you the website to go to or a phone number to call to make the appointment. If you moved houses during the summer or around the time before or after the assembly but didn’t get your address change in time before the letter was sent and you didn’t get the letter, you would have to go to the school site and look for the website and look for the phone number to make the appointment. Once you made the appointment, it tells you when and what time Lifetouch come on school campus and the time and day you are appointed to go. Life Touch comes on July 21-25. During that week, seniors who made the appointment takes their senior portraits.

Since it is the school’s tenth year anniversary, the attire for the portraits is 10 gold carat. Senior girls wear a blouse or a dress, and guys wear collar shirts with a tie.

After a week, Lifetouch comes on campus and if you didn’t make the appointment or you miss your appointment, you’ll would have to go to contact the studio in Elk Grove and make the appointment from there. The deadline for senior portraits in October 31, 2014. So do not wait for the last minute! Any day after October 31, you will not be in the yearbook.

“If students doesn’t take their senior portraits, they will not be in the senior section of the yearbook,” said Anita Wertz, yearbook/journalism adviser.

We interviewed a couple people and ask them about their senior portraits. The first person we interviewed was Jennie Garcia.

She said, “I thought my proofs came out really good.”

The second person we interviewed was Christian Beniga. We asked him if he was planning to buy his senior portraits from Lifetouch and he said, “I’m going to go to a studio to take my pictures because it’s cheaper compared to what Lifetouch’s package is offering.”