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Put Mediterranean Food on Your Bucket List

Tooba Naveed, Reporter

January 13, 2016

The Restaurant Kabab and Gyro Grill serves some of the best Mediterranean food that can be found in the 209 area. It may not be the fanciest restaurant, but as soon as you walk in and order, you're greeted with great service ...

Two Girls, One Conflict

Isaac Holden

June 4, 2015

Over the years, there has been a dress code in California high schools that states, the boys are supposed to wear a tux (color of the school) as well as the girls that must wear a black off-the-shoulder V-neck drape (under whatever)....

Lodi Beats Chavez

Patrick Nguyen, Editor in Chief

February 6, 2014

During the first quarter, it seemed as though Lodi just raced out of the gates and took the lead 26 to 10. In the second quarter, it was the same scenario as the first, 15 to 1. In the third quarter, it was similar to the second...

Lodi vs Chavez Varsity Boys Basketball

Kasandra Turcios, Reporter

February 3, 2014

Friday January 31, 2014 the Chavez  titans lost against Lodi high. The Basketball game took place at Lodi High school. The score was 60-61 it was a really close game but unfourtuantly Lodi took it. It was a good game, #4 Eddie...

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