Put Mediterranean Food on Your Bucket List

The Restaurant

Kabab and Gyro Grill serves some of the best Mediterranean food that can be found in the 209 area. It may not be the fanciest restaurant, but as soon as you walk in and order, you’re greeted with great service and even better food.

I would say we serve a combination of Afghan and Greek food.

— Kabob & Gyro Grill employee

The History

The restaurant is located on Cherokee Lane in Lodi, California. The owners were originally born in Pakistan, but moved to Afghanistan and grew up there. About 20 years ago , they opened their first two restaurants in Canada, then one in Concord, before creating their storefront in Lodi around three years ago.

The Main Meal

The shawarma upon arriving was wrapped in foil and cut in half, with the vegetables and chicken inside on show. When biting into it, the shawarma gives off a faint smell of onions and other vegetables. The shawarma itself is warm and brings you an explosion of flavors. For just six dollars you get a delectable wrap filled with a mixture of Afghani and Greek flavors. The chicken inside the warm pita bread was surprisingly red, which one can assume is chicken tikka, an ingredient commonly used in Desi cuisine. The shawarma is full of fresh veggies and a special tahini sauce.

The Side Dish

The side dish we ordered was hummus with pita bread. The hummus was served over what looked like olive oil in a small dish. It was seasoned lightly with spices on top. The pita bread was soft and at a room temperature, eaten by dipping it into the cold hummus. The hummus itself tasted like chickpeas with a bit of garlic.

It was a great cultural experience to try something new. I ate the falafel and it was good.

— Aqsa Naveed

The Service and the Decor

The decor was a bit outdated but clean and sanitary. The service was incredible. As soon as you arrive at the cash register to order, you’re met with a kind employee who welcomes you and makes casual but not awkward conversation. They check up on you after serving you to ensure you have everything you need, and that you’re enjoying the food.

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10/10 Would Recommend

The divine food is enough to deserve a stamp of approval, but the great service and kindness expressed by the employees, along with the serene atmosphere are both an added plus. For an inexpensive cost, you’re served meals with incredible flavor and variety. If you’re ever in the mood to try some Mediterranean food, Kabob & Gyro Grill is the place to try it.