Yearbook Discrimination

Senior year is one of the most important years of their high school career. It is the year where you get ready to go to college and do all kinds of fun activities. Seniors also do portraits of themselves, to have a memory of the last year in high school. when seniors take pictures in most high schools they have a dress code. girls wear black, boys wear gold whatever kind of dress codes they do. In Lincoln High School they have a dress code. Boys wear tuxedos girls wear dresses. Its a simple code to follow.

Believe it or not many students, teachers, and parents will go against the code only because their kids might not feel comfortable. It is a understandable situation. You want students to feel comfortable in their last year specially if they want to remember where they to school at.Recently Lincoln High had published their yearbooks. One of the students, a senior; bought a yearbook. when she was searching through the book she noticed her picture was not in it. She didn’t know what went wrong. When this student took her senior picture she didn’t wear a dress. she didn’t think nothing wrong of it but when she asked and investigated on why this happend many didn’t know what to say. apparently she claims that Lincoln did not submit her picture because of what she was wearing.

We as people should not judge what a person wears in their senior picture as long as it is not inappropriate as in showing  too much skin.Seniors should be able to wear what they want. they should be free to do what they please as long as they are not hurting no-one.Everyone should be treated fairly if they’re not comfortable wearing something, let them be because at the end of the day god loves us for who we are and what you wear  isn’t important.There are people who don’t understand what the big deal is about. People have plenty of questions why they did what they did. Some say maybe is wasn’t intentionally it was probably a mistake a huge mistake. Maybe is was maybe it wasn’t we can’t say they did it on purpose but what we could say freely is Let the seniors wear whatever they want they’re young and careless just let them be them.

Brenda Beltran, Junior

“They should let them wear what they want, come one they are still young for crying out loud.” This is a free country, If kids want to wear strange things or whatever makes them happy let them be (only if its something appropriate.) We are sure that if the parents don’t say nothing about then whom ever shouldn’t dare say anything.