High School yearbook mishap

Jordan Cramer, Reporter

Crystal Cumplido and Mari Champagne, two students attending Lincoln High School in the San Joaquin School District, have both been removed from their yearbooks. Both girls were unable to the standard dress code, as they wore clothing that fits the gender identity of a male. A student should be allowed in the yearbooks for their corresponding year, regardless of what gender identity they wish to represent themselves through.

Lincoln’s superintendent has already stated that he wishes to right this wrong, and is willing to reprint the schools yearbook, which would include the two girls excluded from it. As of now, this is the best procedure to re-entering the girls into the yearbook.

Although many would state that the girls should have abided by the schools dress code, the girls are entitled to abide by either the boys dress code standard, or the girls, due to a law given by the State of California.

The incident is a tragic mishap for the two excluded girls. Only with time and a whole-hearted staff, will the wrong doing be fixed.