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Multicultural Assembly

Jordan Cramer, Reporter

April 29, 2015

On April 21, various clubs and cultures came together to perform for the multicultural assembly in the gymnasium. The purpose of the assembly is to appreciate the many culture that can be found throughout the diverse campus...

CCHS Cultural Assembly Was Spectacular!

Brenda Beltran, Reporter

April 29, 2015

On Tuesday, April 21, 2015, there was an assembly in the gym. It happened during fourth period and took the whole period. Only some classes got to see it, not the whole school. The assembly was a cultural assembly, the reason for tha...

Cultural Assembly

Chainarung dechyothin, Reporter

April 29, 2015

The assembly's purpose was to show culture. The assembly was hosted at the gym. The assembly was for anyone that requested to be there. The assembly was on Tuesday April 21, 2015. To show each cultures lifestyle. It was only...

Cultural Assembly Appreciation

Soveni Ke, Reporter

April 29, 2015

In the gym on April 21, 2015, there was a cultural assembly held during fourth period. Some classes were lucky enough to go to the event while others didn't. The purpose of the cultural assembly is to show appreciation for all...

A touch of princess!

August 20, 2014

Hi there! I don't think I need to introduce myself right? Am I right? I mean my name is part of the title. Well anyways, I'm just your average girl - I laugh at the wrong times, I'm lazy, I procrastinate a lot, I spend too much money on cl...

Dancing to the Beat

Mariah Simms, blog

April 30, 2014

Today is about the benefits and best things for dance. For dancing you should make sure you don't eat before hand, because there is a chance that you might throw up. Also that you have to smile or make an expression of the musics...

Hello Dance Room

Jasmine Pollock, Reporter

April 28, 2014

Well, my names Jasmine. I'm quiet, shy, and easy to talk to. A lot of people talk to me just to get stuff off their shoulders. I have my goal of being an accountant for a big city and a dream of having a huge house and a nice, blacked out Shelby co...

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