Hello Dance Room

Time to stretch

Well, my names Jasmine. I’m quiet, shy, and easy to talk to. A lot of people talk to me just to get stuff off their shoulders. I have my goal of being an accountant for a big city and a dream of having a huge house and a nice, blacked out Shelby cobra, while wearing my fancy heels and dressing up everyday. I have a small circle of friends and I’m no where near popular but my girlfriend on the other hand, she’s a different story. She’s loud and likes to make people laugh. At least, that’s how she got me. I don’t like not finishing my work because it just makes me feel stressed out. A lot of people like and flirt with my girlfriend which stresses me out too. Being a white girl with a big butt doesn’t help either. So, when I get to third period it’s like everything just goes away. All the stress of work not being finished on time is just gone. Knowing that girls are starring at my girlfriend all the time is out of my train of thought. Although it isn’t my dream to be a professional dancer, dancing is my journal, my diary, and my relaxer. When I’m all tense and stressed out, it like magically makes everything go away. I don’t freestyle or make any dances, it’s like doing yoga with your yoga instructor. Once I put my dance shoes on, I feel relieved from the whole world. Even though I’m not any good and I’m not flexible, it’s still my getaway spot. You have more options of dances in 3-4. We had tryouts and they were nerve racking. I only made one out of three. I was the last name she called and my heart was beating faster and faster. I had a huge sigh of relief when she called my name. Dance is like my best friend who helps me out