Multicultural Assembly

Jordan Cramer, Reporter

On April 21, various clubs and cultures came together to perform for the multicultural assembly in the gymnasium.

The purpose of the assembly is to appreciate the many culture that can be found throughout the diverse campus of Cesar Chavez. There were many clubs and classes that showcased their cultures through either dance or song.

  1. Singing Titans – National Anthem/Alma Mater
  2. Jazz Choir – Performs piece
  3. Dance Club – Performs Choreography
  4. Ballet Folklorico – Performs cultural dance
  5. Mariachi – Performs cultural music/promposal
  6. Polynesian Club – Tahitian Dance.
  7. Cambodian & Laos – Cultural Dance
  8. Winter Guard – Performs Choreography
  9. Winter Drumline – Performs piece
  10. Jazz Band – Performs songs

To start off the assembly, the Singing Titans sang the national anthem. When the song was finished, many sat down. However, when the Alma Mater began to be performed, everyone quickly rose back up in respect of the group. The Singing Titans ended on good note, getting the crowd ready for what was next to come. This helped to intrigue the minds of the students in the audience.

While the performance overall was great, some clubs felt as if they needed a little longer to practice. Improvement on setup times for each of the performances should be handled, as the Jazz Band didn’t get to finish their piece, due to school being over and students deciding they want to go home. The talent of the performers was good, and the many cultures performed helped to provide a culturally diverse experience.