Dancing to the Beat

Today is about the benefits and best things for dance. For dancing you should make sure you don’t eat before hand, because there is a chance that you might throw up. Also that you have to smile or make an expression of the musics feel. You have to feel the music in your heart, and you have to pat the beat out before you’re able to do anything. You have to know the beat so you can keep in and beat and do the right move at the time.

Also it’s best to be flexible, so you can control over your body. That way when you move it look more elegant and neat. It’s good to be in-shape, so then you can do multiple dances, without looking tired an any of them, and to be able left yourself up or keep yourself up. The best way to become flexible and some what in-shape is to stretch, it helps big time for the splits. When I stretch I feel great afterwards, but I don’t know about other people like it or not it’s just my opinion.

When with a group it is a lot harder because you all have to be on time and all on beat.  If one person mess up then the whole show can be ruined. If it’s a happy/joyful song then you have to smile threw the dance no matter what happens. It’s like playing a role, the music is the story. You are dancing the story out. So if it’s a sad song don’t smile maybe a half smile. Look like you are lose you’re in pain. If it’s a powerful song give that attitude that power feel to it. Hit that beat, throw that hair give that face that you don’t care that you are the best.