Cultural Assembly Appreciation

Soveni Ke, Reporter

In the gym on April 21, 2015, there was a cultural assembly held during fourth period. Some classes were lucky enough to go to the event while others didn’t. The purpose of the cultural assembly is to show appreciation for all the different colors of skin and their culture.

Each culture was presented in different ways. For example, there was

  1. Dancing
  2. Singing
  3. Instruments
  4. Music

My favorite performance was the Cambodian/Lao dance. The dance was beautiful and the performers were in rhythm with the music. As a Cambodian child, I understood what was going on and the music that was playing.

Cambodian/Lao performance
Jorge Alcaraz
Cambodian/Lao performance

Overall, the assembly went really well. All the performances got to be performed. Even though some performances needed time to get themselves together and work as a team. The only downside of the assembly was that it was really packed. Students had to cram together in a small space. Since our class was on top of the bleachers, it was hot. We couldn’t really hear or see the performers.

There was no room for me to sit, so I had to stand the whole time.”

— Sarina Ke, Freshman, Health