Cultural Assembly

Chainarung dechyothin, Reporter

The assembly’s purpose was to show culture. The assembly was hosted at the gym. The assembly was for anyone that requested to be there. The assembly was on Tuesday April 21, 2015. To show each cultures lifestyle. It was only possible if Mr. Nelson accepts it.

The assembly was good I guess but it wasn’t really entertaining”

— Kyle Dechyothin

The cultural assembly showed many performances. Many performed and each performance was a different culture. The performances were

  • CCHS choir
  • Dance club
  • Folk dance of Mexico (ballet folklórico)
  • Mariachi club
  • Polynesian club
  • Cambodian dance
  • Winter guard
  • Drum line

The drum line took quite a while to set up. Before they performed they had a small little dance in the beginning and then they got into position. They picked up their instrument and started playing. As they were playing they were moving around also. It was quite loud the whole entire time. It was a pretty good performance.

The assembly was kinda pointless. There was barely any cultural performances. The mariachi, Polynesian,  Cambodian dance, and ballet folklórico were the only cultural things there. The audience was pretty good until the end because people started to get up and leave in groups. Then during the last performance the bell rang and people left as they were still performing