A touch of princess!

Hi there! I don’t think I need to introduce myself right? Am I right? I mean my name is part of the title. Well anyways, I’m just your average girl – I laugh at the wrong times, I’m lazy, I procrastinate a lot, I spend too much money on clothes but hey I’m not perfect! No one is! But that doesn’t mean I won’t try my best. I will try my best. I have goals and dreams to accomplish! There’s a future ahead of me and I want to do something great. I have two years of high school left and from the past two years I’ve been really laid back, and procrastinated a lot. This year, my resolution is to not procrastinate (shuuush I’m actually procrastinating on this staff profile right now LOL) Anyways, I am in beginning Jazz Band, soon to be a saxophone player. Yay! I used to play clarinet (well it hasn’t been that long, it was just last year. I’m switching to a different instrument) I am very excited to start playing this year! This year is a very important year because it’s junior year, there’s a lot of testes coming up, and one more year left till senior year! Wish me luck! I’ve already started looking for colleges to apply too but I think I’m set on going to CSUS (not Sacramento State, but Stanislaus. Go Warriors!)

I love dancing. Dancing is my stress reliever, I can just dance and forget about everything. It is my escape. My one and only passion. Dancing has been in my life since day one. It is a part of me. One of the club I am in right now, which is the Filipino Club, involves dancing and being surrounded by people who has the same passion as me. Filipino Club isn’t about dancing but as a whole, we are a family. This club welcomes all race, when people hear about “Filipino Club” they mistaken it as “oh that club only accepts Filipino race”.