Blast from the past

Hi my name is Joshua Ebert and I am sixteen years old. To be quite truthful I feel like an eighty year old man stuck in a sixteen year old’s body. Why you ask? Well I guess you could say I was born at the wrong time period. I am very much into the 1950’s the clothes, the music, the television shows, and even the technology.
In my opinion it was a much simpler time where golly and gee whiz were about the only bad words you heard on TV. When cars were built out of steel, chrome and iron and not out of plastic and aluminum like the cars on the roads today. A time when children’s role models were people like Annette Funicello and Bobby Rydell and not Miley Cirus and Justin Bieber. When there were only about a hundred murders in this country in a year and not a week. In short I do hold the belief that even with its faults the 1950’s was a far better time than this and if people would go back to the values of the 1950’s this would be a much better America, and If time travel is ever invented you can rest assured I will be the first in line to go back in time.