Staff Profile

Celestino Mederos is a very lazy but smart seventeen year old. Celestino was born in Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center in Oregon City,  Oregon. Celestino was raised by his mother Alliyah Padilla all his life. He moved to Stockton at the age of five and lived on Filbert st. Celestino attends Cesar Chavez High School and has been attending since his freshman year. He attended Fillmore Elementary school in fourth grade. He was a shy person and never socialized with many people. As a freshman Celestino never really talked to anybody but his old elementary school classmates. Junior year of his life he decided to try and join Mariachi Chavez. He came into F147 everyday and picked up the guitar but he was still too shy to audition. Finally he had the courage to join his senior year. He is now part of Mariachi Chavez and is very happy. Celestino wants to be a music teacher and attend Sacramento State. He does not really plan to attend Sac State right away. Celestino first plans to go to Delta College for two years and begin his music  career there.