Isaac Holden

As was only a half day,
he was excited, yet felt a bit of a weird feeling,
because of the fact that he couldn’t figure out
what he wanted to plan out for after school.
“I could go to Fernando’s house and chill with him,
but I could also go see what the other brothers are up to.
As that thought clogged up his mind, “sigh, they do get irritating every once in awhile.
I’ll just stay home by myself since my parents
aren’t home with absolutely no knowledge on how to
defend myself and work the security system.”
A couple hours have passed now and nightfall has descended.

His cellphone in his back pocket screams
with what sounds like ‘N Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye”
“Isaac wake up!” Fernando shouts in the speaker
“you HAVE to come to this party!” he emphasizes
‘and that girl is here that you like…just saying”
“I think I just might stay home and have my own party,
thanks for the invite anyways”

He hung up the phone and threw it to the nearest couch.
Isaac wandered around the house looking for adventure.
As he reached the top of the stairs, he sluggishly walked
through the hall until something caught his eye.
There seemed to be someone/something just standing there at the wall.
“Mom?…” I said
“I thought you left with Dad hours and hours ago?…”
“No response”
He became frozen in his tracks as if his feet were buried with snow.
“Come here dear” she responded with an utterly disturbed voice
that came with an erie finger gesture signifying to come closer.
He walked up slowly with an uneasy
“Yes mom…”
As his so-called ‘Mother’ turned around
he became puzzled
his mother’s face was replaced with one of his old teacher’s faces
he shouted
“Wake up and finish you assignment Holden!”