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March 20, 2016

Matthew Fisher. a senior at Cesar Chavez, who will be missed dearly by family and friends. He participated in an act to show the effects of drunk driving. He played the part of the supplier of alcohol, and "paid with his life...

Students choosing their own I.D. picture

Cynthia Zaragoza, Reporter

November 15, 2014

At Cesar Chavez High School the administrators have a strict policy about wearing I.D.'s at all times while on campus, but how strict is that policy really? Truth is a majority of Chavez students don't even have their I.D.'s b...

Get serious!

Kayla Woodard, Reporter

November 15, 2014

Adressing STDs and HIV should be serious. And, teens being taught in sex education do not take it serious enough. We need to be informed and taken serious by teens, also those who carry the viruses. STDs and the HIV virus has...

Morning Madness

Victoria Franco, Bonnie Wilson, editor

September 29, 2014

Morning Madness was held in the Gymnasium at Cesar Chavez High School, on Friday September 26. This event was on local television on Good Day Sacramento as well as CBS News. Angelina Sam was the host and planner of the first...

Mr. Smith the World History Teacher!

Matthew Mak, Editor

September 3, 2014

Mr. Smith is a World History teacher for Cesar Chavez. He has been teaching for 2 years now. Mr.Smith currently doesn't have a link to the teacher's webpage for Cesar Chavez. Before coming to Chavez Mr.Smith worked at Edison...

Solar Panel Construction

Bonnie wilson, editor

August 28, 2014

Cesar Chavez is finally getting what I would like to call Solar panels. Solar Panels save a lot of energy and money. Cesar Chavez is not the only school in Stockton Unified School District that is getting the solar panels installed. Chavez...

Praising Tardy Sweeps

Lo Saephan and Matthew Mak, authors

November 4, 2013

                                               The first period tardy sweeps are really necessary in Cesar Chavez High School, because it can help you with your  future. First per...

Horoscrope for October 17, 2013

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

October 17, 2013

To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19) Today is a 7 -- Being cautious doesn't mean to stop trying new things. There's no need to avoid the unknown now. Keep your eye...

Cesar Chavez Students vote for favorites

Lo Saephan and Matthew Mak, authors

October 13, 2013

We surveyed a hundred students from Cesar Chavez about what their favorite places to go in Stockton is. We gave them eight choices: mall, fast food, starbucks, school, movies, park, home, and other. Most of the students in Cesar...

High school students love music!

Randy Bun and Carrie Hang, Reporters

October 11, 2013

Eighty-seven Cesar Chavez High School students were asked what their favorite type of music was. Whether it was from Hip/Hop to Jazz, we found that everyone had different taste in music. "My favorite type of music is R&B," said Jomar Guinto, fresh...

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