Get serious!

Kayla Woodard, Reporter

Adressing STDs and HIV should be serious. And, teens being taught in sex education do not take it serious enough. We need to be informed and taken serious by teens, also those who carry the viruses. STDs and the HIV virus has many symptoms and long term side-effects. Not knowing can kill you.

We should do annual HIV and STD testing at Cesar Chavez High School. It will be a simple urine test, no more than like a drug test. It will be at random and will be includes in every other registration packet.

We believe this is a good idea because schools are hotbeds of illnesses, since so many students are regularly packed closed spaces, which is a breeding ground for viruses and other infections. As older students those diseases are like two times worst and as concerned students we are looking to nip this problems in the butt.

I think it is a good idea because there is alot of diseases going around…rap it up.

— Garianna, Class of 2015

Cesar Chavez will work with Planned Parenthood to incorporate this system in the schools yearly registration. The bottom line of this whole operation is to get a quick and painless tests that are needed for maintaining healthy lifestyles and avoid spreading diseases to others. We need to look at the big picture, while parents would like to think their children aren’t having sex before they reach the age of their teens, putting their teen in closed areas can result in outcomes that may put their health at risk.

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