Students choosing their own I.D. picture

Cynthia Zaragoza, Reporter

At Cesar Chavez High School the administrators have a strict policy about wearing I.D.’s at all times while on campus, but how strict is that policy really? Truth is a majority of Chavez students don’t even have their I.D.’s because they loose them. Administrators probably wonder what’s a better punishment for students who do not wear their I.D.’s but what they should really wonder is why students don’t wear them and what they can do to change that. Students often complain about how their I.D. picture came out, they say that it’s either to ugly because of the bad camera quality or that they should get retakes. In fact, this is the reason why most students loose their I.D.’s or stop wearing them to school because they are unsatisfied with the way their picture came out. Having students take their own picture and bringing it in to orientation would be so much easier, students wouldn’t complain, and Chavez staff would be happy.

Having the chance to take your own I.D. picture would be lovely, people wouldn’t have an excuse to not wear their I.D.’s anymore.”

— Karina Lopez CCHS Class Of (15)

Students would take their own picture and bring it to orientation were the administration would either approve or disapprove the picture; this would not only make students life easier it’d also make orientation day a lot easier as well because students would already come with their picture in their hand instead of coming and waiting in line to have their picture taken. In addition to saving time it would also save the school a lot of money because they would no longer need to pay for photographers. Administrators might not like this idea because they’d have to come spend an entire day approving and disapproving pictures but not every job is easy and I’m pretty sure administrators have done harder things. They could also worry about a picture not being appropriate causing the student to get a delay on their I.D. picture but just like every problem there is a solution.

An inappropriate picture would be one with hand signs, facials, not showing your whole face, or one that breaks the dress code, if this happens administration could have a camera with them and just take their picture right then and there and use that picture instead. Students that don’t show up at all to orientation would take their picture when school starts and if after a couple of weeks students do not turn in their photos they could be pulled out during class to have their picture taken which would only take a couple of minutes unlike retakes where they take a whole class period.

Giving students the opportunity to bring in their own I.D. picture would increase the number of students wearing their I.D. at school making Chavez staff happy and students happy as well. If Mr. Nelson wants to better the situation of students and their ID’s he should take into consideration this idea.

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