Solar Panel Construction

Cesar Chavez is finally getting what I would like to call Solar panels. Solar Panels save a lot of energy and money. Cesar Chavez is not the only school in Stockton Unified School District that is getting the solar panels installed.

Chavez High School Solar Panels are expected to be done by Halloween on both sides of the parking lot.  A lot of people where hoping it would be done sooner, so hopefully it would be less traffic in the parking lot.

The solar panels that Cesar Chavez is installing, are going to be saving up to 40-50% of energy in our school.

Mr. Nelson, Cesar Chavez principal, said, “We spend about ten thousand a month on our PG&E bill.”

Al ot of students at Cesar Chavez High School think that installing the solar panels is a great idea on the School board behalf.

Demonshe Steen said, ” It’s a great  idea to install the solar panels and save energy in our school.”

“I wish they would have started the construction a little earlier during the summer so we wouldn’t have as much traffic or construction going on,” said Marissa Rodriguez.