Mr. Smith the World History Teacher!

Matthew Mak, Editor

Mr. Smith is a World History teacher for Cesar Chavez. He has been teaching for 2 years now. Mr.Smith currently doesn’t have a link to the teacher’s webpage for Cesar Chavez.

Before coming to Chavez Mr.Smith worked at Edison High School. Smith’s favorite sports are football and baseball. Smith is married for 3 and a half months now. Congrats!

Smith said, ” On my free time, I go to concerts, run, be outside, hangout with family and friends.” On his prep period he grades, make copies, cleans up, and gets ready for the next day. Smith’s favorite cars are F-150’s and all types of trucks.

Smith’s favorite subjects are history of course and science, such as biology and anatomy.

Smith said, “I love all the students and teachers. I also love the environment at Chavez.”

Mr.Smith is 6’O. He is currently 29 years old. He has two sisters and he is the middle child of his sisters.