Journalist Must Have Ethics

John Brian Gayagoy, Reporter

Many journalist around the world write fabricated articles. That’s why every journalist must have ethics.

Stephen Randall Glass is a former journalist for The New Republic. He wrote many articles such as “Holy Trinity” “Slavery Chic” and “Hack Heaven.” 27 of 41 of Glass’s published articles were fabrication. He was exposed by a reporter from Forbes Magazine. He is now currently trying to be a license attorney.

Janet Cooke was a former staff of the Washington Post. She typed up an article called “Jimmy’s World” that made her a public figure. The article seemed very believable because the quotes “I let him snort a little and, damn, the little dude really did get off” or “I felt like I was part of what was goin’ down.” But it was then discovered as a fabricated story. Cooke was caught because she falsely claimed she had a degree from Vassar College and a masters degree from the University of Toledo. She is now currently a clerk at a clothing store.

Jack Kelley was a long time USA Today reporter. In 2004, it came out that he had long been fabricating stories and would write up scripts. The scandal let to resignations of two of the main staff members at the newspaper.

It’s important for a journalist to be ethical so they don’t end up like these guys, and also because it’s fair to everyone.