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Gambino vs. Fairfax County School Board

Ashley Vazquez, Jamal Fullard, and Thomiyah Price

September 7, 2015

Teenagers should be able express themselves through any form accessible to them including journalism. It is within writing that students may help others become both educated and informed on news going on in their community, or...

Credibility Goes a Long Way

John Vang, Reporter

March 11, 2015

Credibility is something everyone has. That is until they do something to lose it. When you have it, you don't realize the importance of it, but when you lose it, you may not ever get it back. All journalists have ethics, and ...


QiTing Zeng, Reporter

March 11, 2015

Ethics, sometimes known as moral philosophy, is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct. Journalism is gathering, processing, and dissemination of news...

Ethics In Journalism

Rosette Hing

March 11, 2015

Ethics is the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles. Journalists have principles which involve fairness, truthfulness, accuracy, and public accountability. Which apply to the obtaining of newsworthy data and its en...

First Amendment being Violated

John Vang, Reporter

February 3, 2015

Before the First Amendment was created we had no rights, but instead ruler, a king, who made and enforced the laws. If you disobeyed you were killed, if you obeyed you were spared. You had no right other than being alive and working...

Journalist Must Have Ethics

John Brian Gayagoy, Reporter

October 13, 2014

Many journalist around the world write fabricated articles. That's why every journalist must have ethics. Stephen Randall Glass is a former journalist for The New Republic. He wrote many articles such as "Holy Trinity" "Slavery ...

Yearbook on sale!

Andy Xiong and Matthew Fisher

August 25, 2014

A yearbook is annual publication giving current information and listing events or aspects of the previous year.  A yearbook is something that almost every student should get at the end of the school year. Every picture journali...

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