Ethics In Journalism

Rosette Hing

Ethics is the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles. Journalists have principles which involve fairness, truthfulness, accuracy, and public accountability. Which apply to the obtaining of newsworthy data and its ensuing spread to the general population. Various journalists lack the principles of ethics.

Janet Cooke wrote a detailed story on an 8 year boy who became a victim of the thriving heroin trade. In her article, Cooke portrayed Jimmy as “8-years-old and a third-generation heroin addict, a precocious little boy with sandy hair, velvety brown eyes and needle marks freckling the baby-smooth skin of his thin brown arms.” Also complying that “His mother doesn’t view Jimmy’s ambitious with alarm, perhaps because drugs are as much part of Andrea’s world as they are a part of her son’s.” She likewise guaranteed that Jimmy needed to be a heroin merchant when he grew up. Almost immediately there was great controversy.

Individuals requested that Janet Cooke uncover where Jimmy lived so he would benefit from outside intervention. Cooke declined to give his area, locating the need to secure her sources and that her life would be in the line of flame from street pharmacists in the event that she squealed. In the meantime, the city government started a concentrated pursuit to find the young boy. The article then later came out to be a lie and her journalism career came to a crashing halt. Slandering and eaving, The Post with an agonizing blow.

Stephen Glass was a journalist who fabricated his stories. Chuck went through Glass’s stories to seek the truth about them. The story that got Stephen caught was the article on hackers. Chuck then realized that his stories were not true and he was committing an unethically problem.

In journalism, you are obligated to tell fact not report lies. Stephen Glass supported himself by asserting his guiltlessness up to the very end. With every slip-up uncovered, he had a reason for everything, for example, he didn’t recognize what to do and thus he panicked and so on. Glass failed to reach the basic journalism ethics.

Stephen has now applied to join the bar. Although, the Committee of Bar Examiners again declined to affirm him, observing that he didn’t fulfill the credibility or standards as a result to his history of journalistic deception.