Yearbook on sale!

A yearbook is annual publication giving current information and listing events or aspects of the previous year.  A yearbook is something that almost every student should get at the end of the school year. Every picture journalism and yearbook take throughout the school year goes in the yearbook.  Every club and sport pictures go in the yearbook. Stories throughout the year also go in the yearbook. A yearbook is also what some people like to call memories. A yearbook holds pictures of every important/big event that happens.

Why should you buy a yearbook? You should buy a yearbook, because it holds a lot of memories since you been in high school. You could also have all your close friends sign your yearbook; also you could have your all-time favorite teacher sign the year book. You should also buy a yearbook because if you’re a senior it holds all the memories you could never get back.

Want to just make a lay-a-way contract? Well if you are, the payments for books must be completed before the book is issued. Contracts not completed by May 15, 2015, will be turned in as ASB bills. A $1 fee will be added each month that a payment is not made by the 17th of the month. A $10 penalty will be added to a lay-a-away books not paid in full by May 15, 2015. No refunds, if moving out of area, yearbooks will be mailed. Book must be paid in full. Address and $14 shipping fee must be submitted. A name stamp may NOT be purchased unless the yearbook is paid in full by December 19, 2014. (Add-on must be purchased by December 19, 2014.)

“The cost is raised each semester to encourage students to buy the yearbook earlier,” said Mrs. Wertz.

Lay-a-way – minimum down payment:

$30 down (by October 31, 2014)

$40 down (11/1/14-12/19/14)

$15 per month, due 17th of each month

Paid in full by May 15, 2015


Get your yearbooks fast because the longer you wait, the more the price is going to climb up! Before long, you won’t even notice that all of the yearbooks are gone. If you ever decide to buy one, bring your money to room E-101 with cash or money cash order, or you can log on to “The Order Center” ( and use order #12480) and pay by credit or debit card. [Order center opens in July and closes in mid-April.] You can also call “The Order Center” at 866-287-3096 [Order center closes in mid-April, earlier if books sell out.]

Here are the times when the prices will change:

August 11- October 10, 2014, $100

October 11-December 19, 2014, $105

December 20-March 20, 2014, $110

March 21, 2015- until sold out, $115

Add on Items:

Autograph pages -$3

Plastic protective cover – $5

One line name stamp – $4

One line name plate – $10

Two line name plate – $12

Two lines, two mark name plate – $16


For more information talk to the Mrs. Wertz in E-101.