Ethics? Or Scandalous?

Ethics, as we all know are a set of moral principles that govern the way that a group of people/persons interact in an environment whether it’s towards work or how you treat others with respect.

Speaking of work ethics. Former young American journalist, Stephen Glass has defied the whole concept of these so-called ‘work ethics’. Glass has fabricated more than half of his articles that were published by The New Republic, which was the newspaper distributor that he had worked for at the time.  One of the two most recognized articles (not sure if 100% fabricated) that Glass has published: Hack Heaven, tells the world about a young 15 year old hacker who intruded through a company’s security system called, “Jukt Micronics.”  The company then hires the teen as an information security consultant. Another well know fabrication: Spring Breakdown, is about eight young men in their 20’s who retrieve beer and other alcoholic beverages from a bar inside of the hotel they’re staying at, and eventually come to the conclusion to try and lure an obese woman into their room and downgrade her with an embarrassing photo of her.

(quote from Spring Breakdown) “Get us a heifer, the fatter the better, bad acne would be a bonus.”

After Glass had gotten caught in May 1998, The New Republic went though all 41 articles.  Out of 41 articles, over 27 Glass had fabricated.  After Glass’s journalism career dramatically crashed through the floor, he later gained his degree in law: Magna Cum Laude, at Georgetown University Law Center.  Stephen then attended a State Bar examination that he passed in 2000, but was denied certification by the Committee of Bar Examiners on their morals fitness test.

The New Republic’s literary editor, Leon Wieseltier, complains about Glass when he complains, “The creep is doing it again.  Even when it comes to reckoning with his own sins, he is still incapable of nonfiction.  The careerism of his repentance is repulsivley consistent with the careerism of his crimes.”