The article

Journalist need to have the ethic ability in order for them to write successfully in an article. Only a few journalist have the ethic ability. Stephen Glass is a journalist from “The New Republic” article. Stephen was a pathological liar and everything he wrote was plagiarized. He wrote thousands of stories that were published into different publicatios,n but everything was made up nothing was actually true.Stephen glass was a clever guy because for every article he wrote he had fictional organizations, he had fake people,places and events.He also faked quotes in the article as if he were to question that person.”I remember thinking.If I just had the exact quote that I wanted to make it would be perfect. and I wrote something on my computer. and then I looked at it and I let it stand. And then it ran in the magazine and I saw it and I said to myself what I said every time these stories ran.’you must stop.You must stop. but I didn’t.” (stephen Glass).

Besides Stephen Glass being a pathologicol lier so was Janet Cook a journalist for “Washington Post”article.Janet wrote a story about an 8 year old boy who was addicted to herione.The story was called “Jimmy’s World” jimmy was only eight, what kid at that age would be an addict? to answer that question is no kid because this story about Jimmy’s world was fake everything about it was fake. in the story of Jimmy’s world Jimmy’s mom Andrea was also a herione addict who did not care ifJjimmy went to school or got influenced by bad people. it was a little unreal knowing that a mother would allow her own child to grow up in that kind environment containing herione and violence.”I don’t really like to see him fired up” (from the article of jimmy’s world).

Brian Williams is a journalist for NBC Nightly News.Brian Williams gave false information on national television stating that he was on board in the helicopter that was fired up during the invasion of Iraq in 2003.Brian was suspended for 6 months but not quite sure how it would be when Williams comes back.Williams realized he’d done something wrong. he decided to pay an apology on television to the soldiers during a hokey game.”I would not have chosen to make that mistake”,”I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another”(Brian Williams article).