Off Campus Lunch Just got More Expensive


CCHS Oracle Staff

An example of a student’s lunch time pass.

You may remember when off-campus lunch used to be free, but not anymore. Now you have to pay a fee of $2. To get off-campus lunch you need to go to the student store in C-building and pay the fee at your lunch. The good thing is the that you only have to pay the fee once every term if you want off campus lunch. But before you get the lunch pass you have get and off-campus lunch form and get it signed by your parent and principal. You have to have good attendance and No F’s to qualify for off-campus lunch. 

The school raised the price to help support some other school appliances that they need. “The cost for the off-campus lunch is to off-set the cost of the ink and the ID material,” said School Store Rocky about the lunch passes.

We should be able to leave and get food the we actually like. Most students leave to get food because the food here is lacking in taste. Not to say that all the food here at Chavez is terrible, but once in a while we crave something different than just school food. And as you read previously in our article No to Uber Eats you already know that Chavez is not allowing any off campus deliveries of food to our campus and we deserve off-campus lunch.

If you do get off-campus lunch and decide to pay the $2 here are some good suggestions on where you should go based on the time it takes to get there. I would say the closest food place you get eat at is the taco truck right next to Burlington. The food truck is about a 5 minute drive from Chavez. Another good fast food place is Wendy’s. Wendy’s is only a 6 minute drive from Chavez so only one minute away from the food truck.

I interviewed some students that have off-campus lunch to ask what fast-food places the usually go to. The answers were close places like Wendy’s, Subway, McDonald’s, and Jack in the Box. Most of those are relatively close to the school so they can make it back in time. The students said that that was the main problem they stressed about on off-campus lunch, which was not having enough time to go get food and get back to campus. Melissa Delgadillo, a student that has off-campus lunch, said, “ It’s stressful because we might not get here on time.”

Remember you only have 30 minutes from each bell to get food, eat it, and make it to class on time. If tardies become a problem then the off campus pass goes away from those students with a problem.