Chavez School Says NO to Uber Eats


Cesar Chavez High School is not allowing Uber Eats into the school this year. Security is taking food at the entrance from Uber Eats and other delivery services that you have paid for.  They are not allowing you to get anything delivered to the school. The reason they are not letting anything be delivered is for safety reasons. In the pas people always wanted to order food from Uber Eats because they dislike the school lunches. However, now when food is ordered and delivered the school security is just gonna take it and eat it.

Student’s have heard the announcements with Mr. Arieda stating on the intercom in the morning “No food is allowed to be delivered to the school.” It would be nice if they let us get food delivered to the school because most people don’t eat lunch because they don’t like it. It can cause a huge distraction to the school. Kids are going to be in and out of class to pick up food because there going to have to get it from the front of the school or the office. However according to local custodian Vinny they are concerned more about, “Sanitary issues and safety issues.”

I think if the school had better food it wouldn’t be a problem because the food they got now is not that great. There are a lot of students that mimic that sentiment as well. According to Kevin a senior at CCHS, “Students should be able to eat what they want. We aren’t harming anyone else. We are just now eating food that we like.”

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