Orchestra club


Jessica Tamez, Reporter

Do you have a strong passion for creating music, and want to practice with people who share your love for music? Well, if so then the Orchestra club is what you have been missing out on. Typically, the Orchestra club consists of experienced students. However, beginners are welcomed with opened hands. The club meets every Tuesday at 4 o’clock, where members practice music sheets that are provided by the orchestra teachers. The orchestra club benefits the student body in several ways. For instance, in this club, members can learn where music originated and where modern music stems from. The Orchestra club provides an experience like no other. The club president is Valerie Rodriguez and the vice president Venecia Morales. Without music, life would be flat! So, If you are a person who enjoys playing instruments and want to meet fellow students who share the same interest then stop wasting your time and go join the Orchestra club because the clocks ticking.