First Amendment Article

Samuel Hernandez

There have been many court cases about the First Amendments rights. Many people have different ways to express or state their First Amendments rights. One example is a high school tries to pull out a student feature profile from a yearbook.

The student named Taylor Ellis had a short features for student profiles, about his coming-out story. The principal said ‘that it was personal,’ but it’s not really that personal because everybody knows. It’s not that big of a deal… it’s just showing other people that it is ok to be who you are.

The law neutralizes the effects of Hazelwood School vs. Kuhlmeier, which curtailed some students rights in 1988. In states without “anti-Hazelwood” protections like Arkansas’s, administrators may censor a student’s speech in non-curricular publications if school officials can justify the act by citing an educational reason.

Another example is a student waited for the Olympic torch cameras to unfurl a banner reading “Bong Hits 4 Jesus.” The¬†school suspended the student for violating the school district’s anti-drug policy.

After the student got suspended, he filed a civil rights lawsuit for violating his state constitutional rights to free speech. The lawsuit went to the Supreme Court decided that school officials did not violate his constitutional rights.

The KKK rally is another way people have expressed their rights. The KKK rally was to come together and state their opinions on gay marriage. They were allowed to state their opinions because of freedom of speech and are allowed because of the right to assemble peacefully.

The KKK believe that gay marriage because they believe that it’s an act against God. The KKK rally know their rights so nobody can take those rights away from the citizens.