Watson Amelia

Andrew Un, Reviewer/Editor

What if Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes become one and it turns out to be an unpredictable gamer gremlin that we all adore and love. That’s the result of Amelia Watson who seems to never be able to get enough of Apex Legends, snappy trash talk, and smashing her poor table and controller.

Amelia is part of HoloMyth which is part of the Hololive EN branch of its virtual idol group. She typically tweets or posts a schedule of her upcoming streams for the week. She usually starts her streams is in the afternoon between 12 and 3 PM exclusively on YouTube. The typical collaboration she streams with is other HoloLive EN members who are Calliope Mori, Gawr Gura, Takanashi Kiara, and Ninomae Ina’nis. 

HoloLive has a certain amount of restriction and is an idol structured group, it’s very rare for its member to collaborate with another streamer outside of its organization, but it can happen in specific circumstances.

Amelia usually streams a variety of video games, but she does return to a specific game at times like Minecraft. Other times she will do a singing stream or will watch movies for you to watch along, but without the movie itself.

Her best self is when she plays competitive games, whether FPS or PVP, she brings the typical gamer energy that’s unlike other HoloLive EN members. She frequently forgets her idol persona and just rips and salts all over people the moment something is awry with her. Her ‘mama jokes’ and trash talk are not exactly original, but it does add flavor to the situation.

Amelia can be entertaining without that gremlin energy as well. She has plenty of stories to tell, some of which are painful to listen to about her injuries like when she nearly bit her entire tongue off when she slipped while eating.  She also has a lot of fun with reactions to unexpected situations, especially when out of context.

If you enjoy gaming streamers, especially ones that hold tons of salt, you can’t go wrong with Amelia Watson who’s funny and adorable whether or not she’s a gremlin.

Amelia Watson Clips

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You don’t want Amelia Watson as a bus driver…

Amelia Watson salting in Mario Party Tournament

A gremlin in her natural habitat

Amelia Watson sings Uptown Girl

Amelia Watson sings Your Reality

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