Nyatasha Nyanners

Andrew Un, Reviewer/Editor

The catgirl that steals your wife, rates your toilet, and kills your heart with questionable cuteness by turning into a seal and monkey for a day is none other than Nyatasha Nyanners. Nyanners is the personification of what happened if Nyan Cat was given enough vodka, anime, and games before becoming a full-fledge streamer. Obviously, this combination creates a gamer gremlin, meaning a lot of things she says can be hilariously taken out of context.

Nyanners is part of VShojo (Virtual Girl or Pretty Girl in Japanese) and streams exclusively on Twitch at around 12 PM PST from Monday to Thursday. Unlike Hololive EN, VShojo is less restricted in controlling the content of their VTubers to display which makes them very ‘non-seiso’ that, even with Nyanners, get chaotically stupidly funny throughout a singular stream if one thing goes awry. Nyanners sometimes collab and stream with other streamers and VShojo members such as CDawgVA (British YouTuber), IronMouse (VShojo Streamer), Veibae (VShojo Streamer), and Kiara (Hololive EN Streamer).

Nyanners typically streams video games or simply just chatting and reacting to various questionable YouTube videos with her average audience of 7000 viewers. 

My personal favorite time when she streams is when she starts singing which she has a surprisingly good singing voice and covers a wide variety of pop culture music whether for memes or giving it her all. She also covers other songs in the past on her YouTube channel of the same name and it does show how far she has come with her talent of singing. 

The other personal favorite time when she streams is when it’s VRChatting, especially with other VShojo members because it shows their chemistry and shenanigans on full display from conversations to any technical difficulties. Nyanner alone can certainly hold herself entertaining but it’s usually reactive from something that happened like a video or a slapstick accident that was unexpected.

Overall, if you can get past Nyanners’s weirdness, you can certainly find yourself enjoying her stream with profound talents and hectic but entertaining synergies with the things she enjoys.

Nyanners Clips

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Nyanners sings Rasputin

Nyanners sings September

Nyanner VR exploration

A very normal microwave experience with Nyanners 

Nyanner’s new Halloween outfit

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