Not Every Journalist is Trustworthy

Alyssa Hernandez , Reporter

Many journalist try to find the best ways of making a story get noticed but lying on it doesn’t help at all. Most of the time they end up getting caught and that’s exactly what happened with Stephen Glass.

Stephen Glass was a former journalist who achieved notoriety in 1998. It was revealed that as much as half of his published articles were fablications. In 1995 to 1998, Glass invented quotations, sources, and even events in articles he wrote for that magazine and others. Most of his articles were for humor and entertainment.

George Simms had called to ask questions on some information on Stephen Glass. Chuck soon realized that Stephen is lying and making up stories. He also made up emails and notes to try and cover up his lies.

In 1980, the article titled “Jimmy’s World”. Cooke wrote a story on the life of an 8-year-old herion addict.

Jimmy, the 8-year-old boy was forced to do herion by his moms boyfriend. Jimmy was born and raised around drugs.

Washington Post found out that Cooke was lying about her college credentials and that she never met Jimmy and most of her stories were fiction.

In 1976, a former journalist was born. His name was Jayson Blair. He was a former journalist for the New York Times.

The newspaper found out that the young reporter had plagiarized and lied his way through dozens of stories. He told Oprah that it was after 9/11 and everyone had a hard time writing stories so he decided to just take someone’s stories.

“I could’ve simply added the words ‘according to The Associate Press,’ but I didn’t,” Blair said.

Eventually, Blair got fired from his job for what he did.

So yes, not every journalist is trustworthy. Some lie, cheat stories and plagiarize. Nobody should have an excuse why they do something once it’s done, it’s done.