Journalist should always tell the truth

Journalists should never lie in their stories. They only get caught in their lies later on. The journalists who lie eventually get caught later on and ruin their career as a journalist. The journalists who lie should not have been a journalist in the first place.

One example of a lying journalist is Stephen Glass. Stephen is a pathological liar. He wrote a bunch of fake stories for The New Republic,George,and others big news groups. He made up people, voicemails, emails, and even a fake website to cover up his fake sources for his stories.

He got caught on a story he wrote called”Hackers Heaven.” It was about a hacker that hacked into a company called  “Jukt Micronics” and started posting every employees pay check. A online company called Forbes Online wanted to fact check his story and turns out it was fake. He was later on fired and his career as a journalist was over.

A second example was a journalist called Janet Cooke. She made up a story about a eight year old heroin addict called Jimmy’s World. She wanted to cover up her story by saying people that her life was in danger if she told where Jimmy was at. The president at the time was Ronald Regan and he even wanted to help out Jimmy.

The editors found out that Cooke lied about her academic credentials and her story Jimmy’s World. She won an award about her story but when the truth came out she had to give back the award.

The third example is Julie Amparano. In many of her stories she wrote fake sources. Her editors noticed that for her sources one name “Jennifer Morgan” came up as different occupations in many stories. She soon told the truth and got fired for using fake sources.

Many good journalists lose their jobs over lies when they can just tell the truth.