Journalism Ethics

The Frabrications of the stories written by the writers has been caught.  The journalism ethics that was done the wrong way.

Stephen Glass the jounalist that wrote false infromation in his stories. In the movie “Shattered Glass”, it shows that Stephen Glass or Glass was a reporter for The New Republic who made a whole bunch of fabrications that was later found out and caught by his new editor Chuck who came in after Michael was fired. Glass wrote a bunch of fabrications in his writing. One time Glass wrote about a story which he has made up. The story was called ” Hack Heaven “, which talked about a huge convention just for hackers. The place where he stated that the convention was at had never had any convention that was held that day ect.

In the movie “Shattering Glass”, it showed how Glass got caught and how he got fired for his actions. He got caught by the story Hackers Convention also by another company of writers and editors. His whole story was fabricated and just to keep that specific lie hidden he had to make a bunch of other lies to back it up. So it was basically lie after lie. Chad his new editor had suspicion on Glass because his stories aka lies didn’t add up and later then got caught. As of right now Glass is in California and he’s trying to become a lawyer which was denied by the court.

The writer of “Jimmy’s World”, Janet Cooke. Cooke wrote a article or story about a 8-year old boy named jimmy who was addicted to heroin. To some people the article felt false but then at the same time it felt believable. The outcome of her doing has gotten many attention form many people that wanted to help him. Once the president’s wife wanted to help find the little bit and help him but that was impossible. It was impossible because Cooke never gave out any information about the little boy because she didn’t want to get caught that her whole story was a lie. She once got an award for the fabricated story but had it taken back because of the lie. But the lie was figured out 15 years later. As of right now nobody knows where Janet Cooke is doing as of right now.

Scott Fletcher a former editor for Times Argus. A story called “Flat Organization”, was fabricated. When the story was found out to be fabricated people began to become suspicious about all his other articles because he could never back it up.

It’s important for journalist to have ethics so they won’t do any fabrications.