Can we trust journalists?

Celene Tabarez, reporter

Many believe that journalists always have the right ethics when writing a story. Journalists are supposed to be people we can trust when reading their stories.

The Journalist Stephen Glass was a young rising star at “The New Republic“. Most of his stories like “Hack Heaven” and “Holy Trinity” were made up or just sound too good to be true. He would make stories up because he loved the way everyone just loved his stories and how they found them amusing and exciting when them heard them.

He was later then caught because of a online magazine called “Forbes Magazine“. They found his stories very interesting so they went and checked out everything he had put down as a credible source which lead them to find out that he was lying about a lot of stuff that was put in his articles. Which ended up getting him fired by his boss.

Janet Cooke was a journalist who made up a story about a eight year old heroin addict which she later was awarded a Pulitzer Price-Winning story that she had written for  “The Washington Post“. In the story “Jimmy’s Word” by Janet Cooke, Cooke wrote about a eight year old third generation heroin addict that wants to sell drugs on the neighborhood drug corner. His mom and his mom’s boyfriend is the one who shoots him up with heroin.

Cooke was later caught for fabricating her story because she put down colleges she never had attended. Google claims Cooke is currently living in Kalamazoo, Michigan and is working as a clerk in a clothing store.

Jayson Blair is a former journalists that worked for “The New York Times”. He resigned from the newspaper because they had found out he was plagiarizing and fabricating his stories. After he had left “The New York Times” Blair decided to go back to college to get into human resources.

It is important to be ethical because us readers don’t want to be lied too. The media can stop this by just checking out stories they read.