Journalist should be truthful

Journalist take a lot of time in their effort of stories, so it’s not fair for a journalist to lie to society about their stories. Journalist stories should not be fiction.

Stephen Glass was a former journalist who made fictional stories that were supposed to be factual in magazines. Mr. Glass wrote for The New Republic, Harpers, George, Rolling Stones,  The New York Times, and Mother Jones. He created fake numbers, memos, faxes, and internet sights. He didn’t give the fake  resourses when the people asked for it.

Mr. Glass made up 42 stories. They found out he was lying because of his story article “Hack Heaven” about a fake 15 year old boy that didn’t exist. There was no web called Juckt Micronics and they never did any taxes. He was then sent to court. Today he is fighting to be a lawyer. They say he’s a “serial liar”. He is working as a paralegal in Los Angeles.

Janet Cooke was a journalist who made a fake story about a drug addict boy that won a Pulitzer prize. The boy was only 8 years old. The story made others feel sorry for the boy like the mayor and wanted to help him. They sent out a police search for him. Her slander words got to people.  They looked more into Janet Cooke’s information and noticed her college degrees were fake. It was good that they cared for the boy and wanted to help but the bad part was it was all a lie.

Janet Cooke was caught because when the police went looking for Jimmy they could never find him. She returned her Pulitzer prize once they figured it all out. There was a song called “liar liar” that was made about her. She apologized after 15 years and is now working in a clothing store.

Jack Kelley does fake evidence in his articles. He made up a libel woman that fled a boat and died. He makes up fake people and turns them into un true stories. His family is just fine. They went on a trip to Kenya to help the less fortunate.

Journalist should be ethical because it’s their job and they should take it seriously. They should have some integrity. These liars can be stopped by the head reporters should check all the sources before the stories are published .