Don’t over use your First Amendment rights

The First Amendment is your freedom of speech, religion, petition the government, for the people to assemble peacefully and freedom of the press. Freedom is a right that is given to you so use it well.

Just don’t over use it because you may not be useing it correctly. If you don’t use the First Amendment correctly then you may get in trouble for something that you did wrong such as Broussard in the case of Broussard vs. School Board of Norfolk. A kid wore a shirt that said drugs suck. Broussard got in trouble by the school because he wore the shirt so he took it to court and he won the first time but then the supreme court ruled in favor of the Norfolk School Board because apparently the word “suck” was vulgar.

Another case was the case about a teenagers friends posted “I heard you made out with a teacher” on social media and commented “actually yeah” but he claims he was being sarcastic. The school found out and suspended him for three to four days and then Sagehorn took it to court and won the first two cases but then the Supreme Court settled it in favor of the school board. Sagehorn’s mom said that he was going togive a presentation on the dangers of what you post on social medias.

Another thing was the KKK rally that happened. The KKK claims that they have the First Amendment is protecting them. The KKK say they have the same rights as us. They gave a big speech on gay marriage and stuff like that. They say that the First Amendment protects them of their religion and beliefs.

Well the First Amendment holds our freedom rights but remember don’t over use the First amendment or you can end up like these other people who took there first amendment rights way too far.